Testimonial #1


Yo! Yogee - Healthy Frozen Yogurt

"I found Mary a few months back, while searching for a web designer for my new venture. In only a matter of a few days we established a wonderful working relationship thanks to her exceptionally positive attitude and clear and open communication. She has the right blend of creativity and practical skills which is such a rare quality. Extremely structured and open about her thoughts, it makes the whole project lifecycle seem like a dream. Mary's personal qualities as well as extraordinary professional capability make her a delight to know and to work with. I look forward to working with her for many more projects."

Testimonial #2


Web Design Director, Taunton Interactive

"Mary is my go-to person when I am in a crunch. I know she will be fast, creative, and get the job done with minimal explanation and without a lot of back and forth, all amounting to a good value. Mary is one of those designers who "gets it."

Testimonial #3


Web Designer/Developer, User Experience Specialist

"I have worked with Mary on several creative projects, from web design, game design, animation and email design. She is a great collaborator, a thought leader and problem solver. Mary consistently delivers well above what is expected. She has a deep knowledge of the tools used, a willingness to share that knowledge, and creative insight that make working with her both beneficial and a pleasure to work with."

Testimonial #4


Founder and President - Edulence Corporation

"I have worked with Mary Murphy for nearly three years now, both as an employee and a contract designer, and I could not be happier with the results. At Edulence, we develop a variety of projects from small microsites and email campaigns to robust websites with Flash animations, video and eCommerce capabilities. Mary is able to accommodate all of our requests under the tightest deadlines we come up against. As a Creative Director, Mary is one of the few people I have worked with who just "gets" my ideas and can execute on them immediately. No unnecessary explanations needed. If you are looking for a self-starter with innovative design ideas who takes ownership of everything she touches, look no further. Mary is one of a kind!"

Testimonial #5


Co-Director, Live Lab Creative and The Rhythmics

"Cool, very exciting, Smart"...these are some of the comments we get from clients who visit our site. But most importantly, the structure and look of our site, as designed by you, has provided us with more opportunity with clients and has made it much easier for people to understand the creative work we do in Corporate communications and promotions. When we decided to construct a website for our business there was criteria that we felt was imperative to guide us to the right designer. The site had to communicate who we were, what our business is all about, and a glimpse into the quality and style of our work. When we saw examples of other sites you had designed we know we found our partner and to be honest, you have exceeded our expectations. Not just in execution but your deft handling of communicating the variety and depth of our work is an easy to follow structure. And over the years we feel you have grown to know our business that has informed your choices in making changes to our site. Looking forward to more of the same and in the meantime, Thanks! - Tee

Testimonial #6


Michael Stiller Design

Bluedawg Design has been my "go to" design company for all our logo development and web presence work for years now. Our needs, whether it's a quick update to time-sensitive content or a complete redesign of our website, are always addressed promptly and with style. I heartily recommend Mary Murphy, and her company's services, to anyone looking to establish or improve their corporate communications and maximize their market outreach.

Testimonial #7


Creative Director Corporate Events / Theatre Director

"Bluedawg.com was first brought to my attention by a colleague who had a very positive experience. Mary Murphy of bluedawg,com, went above and beyond the call of duty in collaborating with me a total web and print campaign concept / design / execution plan for my business. Very quickly early on the process, I realized that I was working with a professional and in very capable hands. The process was easy. Whether it be giving an abstract image to fully realize or reviewing and editing various aspects of the project, there was always an affable manner to all of the discussions which promoted open communication which ultimately resulted in a product that we're both very proud of. I found bluedawg totally understood my dreams, goals and boundaries from the very beginning and was more than happy to work with all these aspects in providing me with a wide range of solutions from which to choose from. I was never a 'client' but rather a partner and that made a big difference in working together to achieve the best possible. I would highly recommend bluedawg for anyone's professional needs whether you know exactly what you want or you're looking for a company that will learn to understand you and your needs and treat you as an individual wanting the best."

Testimonial #8


publisher, MerwinAsia Books

"Mary Murphy of BlueDawg Design did a terrific job of creating my web site: quick to respond to any suggestions, very creative and reasonable, and a joy to work with. And she is doing a great job of maintaining it. I have no hestitation highly recommending BlueDawg to anyone who wants an attractive and user-friendly web site. I should add that friends and professional colleagues in East Asian studies have had nothing but praise for it."

"In most people's vocabularies, design means veneer. It is interior decorating. It is the fabric of the curtains and sofa. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service."
Steve Jobs
Apple Computer

"Cool, very exciting, Smart" "Mary is one of a kind!" "Creative and reasonable" "My 'go to' design company" "A joy to work with"